Sculpture @ Drury


What is Sculpture at Drury?

At Drury you will engage in contemporary issues and approaches crucial to today’s artists while gaining a grasp of important sculptural processes that will provide you with the tools and strategies needed to pursue any concept or aesthetic investigation that you might want to produce.

Sculpture is an ever-expanding field.  No longer is sculpture simply the making of an art object.  For the last forty years, contemporary art and sculpture have been more concerned with the constructing of ideas, rather than the construction of objects.  Here at Drury we embrace the many ways those ideas might come to fruition under the umbrella of contemporary sculpture without neglecting traditional processes that provide the student with the tools to do so.  In the spirit of the TED (technology, entertainment, and design) conference/organization sculpture at Drury is intent on highlighting the convergence of ideas observed in the information age and how this confluence of thought from once disparate fields is shaping our future.

The courses that make up the sculpture curriculum are driven by student projects (both individual and collaborative) that aim to connect the principle issues confronting contemporary artists/designers/innovators with the sources, theories, and methodologies that comprise our present day condition.  Multimedia presentations/lectures, student presentations, discussion sessions, and readings will compliment and inform all studio projects.

As you make your way through this website, you will get a thorough overview of what has been taking place in the sculpture area over the last several years.  enjoy.        Drury Sculpture Home        Faculty        Student Work Gallery

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Student Recognition

(National and International Recognition for Student Work)

Sundance Film Festival, Selection.

(Out of 6,467 international submissions), Park City, UT

Vimeo Awards + Festival, Winner. New York, NY

London Anti-Design Festival, Selection. London, UK

Kansas City Film Festival, Selection. Kansas City, MO

Monterey Bay Film Festival, Selection. Seaside, CA

Rooftop Films, Selection. New York, NY

Wallabout Film Festival, Selection. Brooklyn, NY

Verge Art Fair, Selection. New York, NY

MO50 Fine Art Exhibition, Selection.  Sedelia, MO

MOAK Exhibition, Selection.  Springfield, MO

Miami Art Fair, Exhibition.  Miami, FL

D’Addy Awards, Award Winner. Springfield, MO

D’Addy Awards, Award Winner. Springfield, MO

D’Addy Awards, Honorable Mention. Springfield, MO

Delta Exhibition, Selection. Little Rock, AR

Studio 405, Two Person Exhibition.  Springfield, MO

Obelisk, Solo Exhibition.  Springfield, MO

U-Haul, Solo Exhibition.  Springfield, MO